Prickly Heat

Published: 06th October 2011
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Prickly Heat

Introduction to Prickly Heat

One of the most irritating conditions that an individual could experience is prickly

heat. This often occurs during warm, humid weather conditions and millions of people are

often affected by this skin reaction.

Prickly heat is a skin condition which is characterized by a tiny red rash that appears

on the outer layer of skin due to profuse sweating. A rash usually appears when the sweat

glands are blocked. This skin condition can result in a high fever.

Moreover, if the bumps or blisters are scratched, this may become more serious and result

in blood infections.

Prickly Heat: How does it develop?

The sweat glands in the human body are numerous. Sweat glands can be found in the

underarms, under the knees and other areaís. Some people try to use antiperspirants which

can be bought in supermarkets.

But this does not help in removing prickly heat, as this may be caused by an allergic

reaction that may lead to serious complications.

Prickly Heat and Its Symptoms

With prickly heat, there are lots of symptoms that can appear, which can range from a

red, disturbing rash or irritation, where perspiration usually happens. Bumpy rash that

develops on the skin areas, and diaper rash for infants are also symptoms of prickly


Prickly Heat and Its Causes

For every skin disorder there will always be a root cause. For prickly heat the result of

poor hygiene, obesity, or massive exposure to the sun may cause prickly heat to develop.

Likewise, for deodorants and antiperspirants.

Prickly Heat and Its Treatment

When it comes to curing prickly heat, there are immediate measures that can be used.

Steriod creams and ointments that have a substance of hydrocortisone can be applied, this

is to stop the itching and irritation.

Oatmeal mixtures and oatmeal soaps can also help in reducing the itching and could hasten

the healing. Additionally, aloe vera lotions and anti-itch drugs like Benadryl, can be

useful to prevent it from worsening.

The above interventions can be used to stop prickly heat but before doing any of these

steps, you need to consult your doctor and examine the existing condition of prickly

heat. You cannot simply apply medications since this can be a danger to your health.

Instead of curing the prickly heat condition, serious complications can be a result of

your immediate reaction. Thatís why you need to be careful to avoid any serious

conditions that may imperil your life with prickly heat.

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